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Add "light effects" to your photos to share via iMessage!

Animated dozen roses and heart fireworks, music and sparkling water stickers on Boston cityscape
Dozen Roses & Heart Fireworks against Boston Cityscape.

Firework stickers for 2018 new year over Boston city backdrop
Happy New Year from Boston!

Decorative light stickers of reindeer, gift packs and trees over Boston Common photo.
Boston Common "lighted" for Christmas.

Lamps, rangoli and flowerpot firecracker stickers placed on a photo in a iPhone device
Happy Diwali message

Animated stickers of Meteor shower, Gemini and Taurus constellations from Lights & Fireworks sticker pack used to indicate the relative location of the Orionoid showers in a night sky photo.
Orionid meteor shower location marked by constellations.

Stickers of the full moon, colorful lanterns and flying paper lanterns added to a photo
Street "lighted" for Lantern Festival.

Animated gif guitar sticker placed over a swan in a photo
Swan playing the guitar at Boston Common.

Animated Light Dancers and sparkling ball gif stickers placed at various locations on a fountain photo
Disco Party at Boston Financial District.

Animated firework gif stickers added to a photo of river and city skyline
"Happy Independence Day" from Boston.

Animated stage lights, light dancers, guitar and light beam gif stickers placed on a photo of the Charles River
Dance stage and "light dancers" on the Charles River.

Squirrel celebrates its birthday with a cake with animated candles and sparkler gif stickers placed on its photo
Happy Birthday Squirrel!

Fireworks stickers added to a photo of real fireworks over Charles River creating a colorful display
Fireworks on Charles River. Spot the stickers!

Create animated greetings for every occasion!

Animated Dragon fireworks, paper and colorful lanterns stickers.
Happy New Year!

Musical Snowman

While the solar eclipse darkens the sky, light stickers are used to illuminate the city
Total Solar Eclipse

Propose or announce your engagement with a sparkling diamond ring and beating heart gif stickers
Ready to propose?

Graduation greetings created with animated wine glasses, graduate hat, laser and light beams gif stickers
Congratulations on your Graduation!

Summer Party!

Chinese New Year greetings created with colorful lanterns, flying paper lanterns, rockets and garland firecracker gif stickers
Happy New Year! 

New Years greetings created with animated fireworks and city skyline with rotating Ferris wheel gif stickers
Happy New Year!

Create an animated diwali greetings with lamps, sparklers and spinning chakra gif stickers
Happy Diwali!

Choose from over 300 Stickers!
Over 300 lights and fireworks stickers in the pack

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